Cooking & Serving


To Cook:

The puddings have all been steamed for 6-8 hours depending on the size of the pudding. Remove outer packaging. Leave in plastic basin with lid.

To Steam:

Place pudding with its lid on in a steamer or over boiling water for 1½ – 2 hours. Do not allow to boil dry. If lid ‘pops’ rest the lid on top of pudding and continue steaming.

To Microwave:

This is a guideline; we suggest you consult your instruction manual. Loosen basin lid and heat on full power for 3 minutes. Stand for 1 minute, test and reheat for additional minute or two if required.

To Serve:

When re-heated, turn the pudding onto a warm dish (at this point you may like to ignite the pudding – see note below) and serve with either brandy butter, cream, rum sauce or custard!

To Flame:

Carefully, warm 3 tablespoons (or more depending on your taste buds!) of brandy. At the table pour over the warm pudding and ignite immediately with flame. The pudding will burn with a blue flame for approximately 20 seconds. Makes a great finale to your Christmas meal.