Brandy Butter

Brandy butter is excellent served with Christmas pudding and mince pies. Can be prepared in advance as it will keep for 2-3 weeks in the refridgerator.

175g unsalted butter, room temperature
175g soft dark brown sugar
6 tablespoons brandy (plus 1 for the cook!)

With an electric blender or food processor cream the butter and sugar until soft, creating a light smooth mixture. Gradually add 1 tablespoon of brandy at a time, taste and add more if necessary. Best served chilled.

Rum/Brandy Sauce

Best made on the day.

75g butter
60g plain flour
570ml full-fat milk
50g caster sugar
3 tablespoons brandy or dark rum (plus 1 for the cook)
1 tablespoon double cream

Place just 60g of the butter in a saucepan with the flour, pour in the milk and using a balloon whisk, whisk the ingredients thoroughly together over a medium heat, When it reaches simmering point and has started to thicken turn the heat down to its lowest setting, stir in the sugar and let the sauce cook for 10 minutes. After that add the rum or brandy, the remaining butter and cream. Pour into a jug and cover with surface with clingfilm and keep warm until required.